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What Home Remedies Will Kill Lice?

01 July

What Home Remedies Will Kill Lice? First of all you don’t need to purchase OTC lice treatments which don’t work on head lice any more in the US. Secondly you don’t need to obsessively clean you house from top to bottom, because the lice are only in your child’s hair. Thirdly you don’t need to turn your life upside down about head lice, because head lice don’t carry any diseases and head lice are not a CDC reportable condition.

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What Home Remedies Will Kill Lice?

Here are the top 3 Lice Home Remedies

• Saturate the hair using Hair Conditioner.

• Comb the hair using a Metal Comb such as the OMG Lice Comb

• Comb every day until you get 3 clean comb-outs in a row.

You can relax and take a deep breath because head lice are manageable! Although Lice might stress you out, they won’t harm you or your family. In fact if you want everything you need to be a NitWit at home you can get your hands on a Welcome to a Lice-Free World Complete Lice Home Treatment Kit!


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Therefore you can stop vacuuming your whole house, and start getting some sleep. Furthermore you can stop freaking out about head lice and start returning to sanity. Finally you can stop throwing out your pillows and start being nice to yourself. Because, although parents and schools still stress out about lice in the US, in fact “No-Nit” policies in school should be done away with according to the CDC.

However in the Netherlands parents now deal  with lice very calmly and sanely. In fact there is even a brand new TV comedy series about lice in Holland called “De Luizenmoeder” — “The Lice Mother.” It’s a hit because lice mothers are a real phenomenon: Mothers (and the occasional father) who volunteer to check heads at school, sometimes as often as once a week. Furthermore in Holland parents now view lice as a fact of childhood. There is none of the lice shunning, lice secrecy or lice stigma seen here in the US.

What Home Remedies Will Kill Lice?

What Home Remedies Will Kill Lice?


What Home Remedies Will Kill Lice? Yet during 17th century Holland the task of keeping one’s child clean and free of lice in Holland fell squarely on the shoulders of women, and mother’s in particular. Especially relevant is the Rijksmuseum painting ‘A Mother’s Duty ‘ Pieter de Hooch, c. 1658-1660, in which a mother is shown picking lice out of her daughter’s hair.




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