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Top 5 Lice Myths 2019

14 June

Top 5 Lice Myths 2019. If you are like most parents you will find yourself running to CVS at midnight to buy lice shampoo. But in fact lice shampoo no longer works to kill head lice.

Myth #1 Lice Shampoo Kills Lice

Fact #1 Head Lice have developed resistance to the pesticides in lice shampoo.

Myth #2 Head Lice are in your house

Fact #2 Head Lice are obligate parasites that only survive on a human scalp

Myth #3 You need to bag all of your child’s beloved stuffed animals

Fact #3 Head Lice are not on your child’s stuffed animals where they can’t find food.

Myth#4 Head Lice jump from one head to another.

Fact #4 In fact head lice do not have hind legs so they are unable to jump

Top 5 Lice Myths 2019

Top 5 Lice Myths 2019

Myth#5 Head Lice like clean hair.

Fact #5 Head lice like both clean and dirty hair. Lice care more about scalp temperature.


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Top 5 Lice Myths 2019. First of all you get a lice letter home from the school nurse saying there have been lice cases in your child’s classroom. Sometimes you feel relief that it is not your child who has lice. And at other times you feel anxiety because you do not have helpful information about how to treat lice successfully. Finally you experience delusional parasitosis, which causes you to feel itching all over your body, despite not having lice.

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Top 5 Lice Myths 2019. First of all you can’t think clearly when you believe a hostile parasite has invaded your home and family. In fact many times you can not stop thinking about head lice once you suspect that might have head lice. And, coupled with several sleepless nights, this whole lice fiasco can leave you pretty stressed out! Furthermore you are not sure with whom you can safely discuss your head lice concerns. For example do you tell your next door neighbors, do you tell your in-laws or you school nurse?

The fact that head lice stigma is still alive and well in the US in 2019 prevents many parents from getting good advice about lice treatment and prevention.

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