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Summer Lice Outbreak Massachusetts

08 June

Summer Lice Outbreak Massachusetts. First of all, due to the colder than normal spring and the recent warm days, we are seeing a large uptick in lice cases in the greater Boston area. In addition our phones have been ringing off the hook at NitWits!

Normally lice cases increase in the warmer months in New England, however the current spike in cases is arriving early for 2019. In fact the head lice life cycle speeds up in the warmer weather. Therefore lice are able to hatch from their nits in 4-5 days instead of  6-8 days.  Furthermore the nymph molting process goes faster, thus lice can breed and lay eggs more rapidly. This means more nits, more lice and more kids with lice in June, July and August!

• Summer Lice Outbreak Massachusetts.

• Are you wondering how long your family has had head lice?

• Check out our NitWits Lice Assessment Guide.


Lice-Assessment Guide

Your Lice Diagnostics Chart can be very helpful for determining whether or not you even have head lice.

In fact what you are seeing and feeling on your scalp might not be lice.

Head Lice misdiagnosis is common.

First of all, in the summer months, children have a lot of “stuff” in their hair that has nothing to do with head lice.

This “stuff” can include:

• leaf parts

Summer Lice Outbreak Massachusetts

Leaf Part

• cradle cap flakes

Summer Lice Outbreak Massachusetts


• roof gravel

Roof Gravel


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Summer Lice Outbreak Massachusetts. First of all as a parent you barely have time to get your kid to after school sports, music and ballet lessons, let alone deal with head lice. Furthermore most parents don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to head lice treatment. And they end up wasting a lot of money and time and still end up with lice!

Especially relevant, the most common pesticide treatments don’t work on lice anymore. And the stress alone from “head lice stigma” will lead to a bad case of “mom lice stress”. In fact Mom Lice Stress can paralyze you and make you burst into tears for no reason. To take the stress out of lice you need peace of mind. And the best peace of mind comes from working with tried and true lice professionals the first time around. For the best in boston lice pros call us at NitWits. We guarantee your peace of mind will return and you will sleep like a baby tonight!


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