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04 June

Summer Camp Lice Check. Have you ever driven all the way to your child’s summer camp, only to be turned back at the gate because she has lice? You are wondering if your kid will pass the lice check at camp this summer? First of all camp lice checks are common on the  first day of camp. Also it is a major disruption in your life if you kid can’t start camp on the first day. Furthermore many kids have undetected cases of head lice at the end of the school year.

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Summer Camp Lice Check. Most cases of head lice go undetected for months. In fact you and your kids are unlikely to know that you have head lice unless a school nurse or camp nurse makes the diagnosis. In addition most people do not ever have any itching symptoms with head lice.

Summer Camp Lice Check. The end of the school year is an extra busy time for you. June brings graduations, end-of-year performances, recitals and summer camp preparations. The last thing you want to think about is head lice. Yet when you drive up to the front gate of summer camp and they check your child for lice, disaster can strike in the form of a positive lice diagnosis. Suddenly you’re miles from home and you have not idea what to do, or how to treat head lice effectively.

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Whether or not your kids do have lice you are still going to experience Mom Lice Stress. Thankfully help is available. NitWits LLC has been calming Moms for 14 years in the Boston area. Furthermore we educate you, treat your head lice , and arm you with everything you need to keep head lice from ever coming back to torment your family again!

Summer Camp Lice Check. Head lice have been with us for thousands of years. In addition lice have become extremely adaptable to whatever we try to use to eradicate them. Especially relevant, lice are now resistant to chemicals in lice shampoos. Resistant lice are called Super Lice.

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