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Lice Shampoo Frequency

16 June

Lice Shampoo Frequency. First of all head lice eggs are impenetrable, and are therefore  lice shampoos containing chemicals or pesticides have no impact on nits. Then what’s the best way to get out the nits? Especially relevant is that there is only one way to completely remove the nits. And that is to remove the nits mechanically, with a metal nit comb. However lice have special camouflage abilities that make nit removal difficult. To the naked eye it is very hard  to visually detect and, therefore, to diagnose head lice.

Lice Shampoo Frequency. Until 1972 DDT was an effective treatment for head lice. In fact DDT lice treatment was common in the US until it was banned in 1972

In 2019 pyrethrin and permethrin are the pesticides most commonly available for lice treatment. However in the past 40 years Head Lice have developed resistant to pesticides and the lice shampoos containing the pesticides are not effective. In fact parents using pesticide shampoos for lice, can experience a false sense of security, because they feel they have dealt with the problem when, in fact, their child still has lice.

Wondering how long you have had lice?


Lice-Assessment Guide

Lice Shampoo Frequency. So if lice shampoo doesn’t work, what should you do about lice? First of all you do not need to worry about your house. The lice are not actually in your house. This means you do not need to use your precious time vacuuming or washing everything your own. Furthermore you don’t even need to put your child’s stuffed animals in plastic bags! On the other hand if you had another bug such as fleas, body lice or bedbugs, all of the cleaning would be necessary. However, your child does not have fleas, body lice or bedbugs. One good tool to have available is the OMG Nit-Free Terminator Comb.

So we recommend you relax and take a deep breath, possibly even pour yourself a glass of wine too. Need help? Give Christine a call at NitWits and she would be happy to tell you what to do, or how we can help.


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Lice Shampoo Frequency

Lice Shampoo Frequency

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