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07 May

Lice vs Dandruff. Top 3 lice myths. Lice Myth #1 Lice only like clean hair. In fact we see kids with lice with clean hair, dirty hair, hair that gets washed once a day and hair that gets washed once a month! First of all Head lice are happy in any and all heads. Also Lice don’t care if you hair is clean or dirty, they care if you are a kid or an adult. Head Lice really like kid’s scalps because kid’s scalps are nice and warm and dark and humid. The perfect environment for a healthy case of head lice. In addition, kids are always putting their heads together, thereby giving lice a chance to travel from head to head.

Lice vs Dandruff.  One word sums it up: Stigma. Head Lice still carry a huge stigma (which is outdated and inaccurate).  Outdated because the stigma really began with body lice and people living in crowded conditions and extreme poverty.

Lice vs Dandruff. Lice Myth #2 Families with lice are poor. But guess what?  Families who get head lice nowadays are neither poor, nor living in cramped quarters. Inaccurate because families with head lice live in clean houses with clean children with clean hair.  Still, the stigma persists and adds yet another layer of stress to families already stressed to the max due to a plethora of inaccurate and conflicting information about head lice on the web. Finally the solution to head lice is simple. Comb regularly with the OMG Nit-Free Terminator Comb. The best and safest head lice removal treatment available. Time to return Moms to Sanity!

Lice vs Dandruff. Lice Myth #3 You need to clean your whole house. My kids have lice. I do wash their hair, their clothing and their bedding regularly. What am I doing wrong? First of all housework has nothing to do with head lice. You can keep a super clean home and your kids can have super clean hair and your kids will still get head lice. Head Lice removal treatment is widely misunderstood, with parents doing all the wrong things, and none of the right things. So stop doing housework, and start combing your child’s hair

Lice vs Dandruff. Why do so many folks get freaked out about head lice? These pesky little bugs do not carry any disease, but they do carry a huge stigma. The stigma implies that you are a bad mommy who never combs your kid’s hair and never cleans your house. These are all urban myths. Head Lice is manageable and quite common in 2015. You can handle head lice yourself without the use of pesticides. Or call us if you want help. 617-816-9487. NitWits. Boston’s Premier White Glove head lice treatment professionals. We do it right the first time. Your Peace of Mind is Worth It!!

Lice vs Dandruff

Lice vs Dandruff

Lice Like Clean Hair

Lice vs Dandruff

Head Lice in Dutch Art

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