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16 May

Lice Peace of Mind Today. Head Lice! The words alone get most people scratching their heads. First of all let’s admit it, lice carry a certain “yuck factor” that makes us not want to think about them. Suddenly your Peace of Mind starts slipping away and you feel itchy all over. Yet herein lies the problem. You want to ignore the fact that your elementary school aged child will be exposed to lice. However you could be caught off-guard if a lice infestation hits your family.

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Lice Peace of Mind Today.

Be prepared for lice! Peace of Mind is Within Reach!

• First of all take a deep breath and realize that head lice are manageable.

• Secondly arm yourself with a good metal nit comb such as the OMG Lice Comb.

• Finally, do a preventative lice comb-out once a month

Lice Peace of Mind Today. Let’s remember that head lice are not vectors of disease in 2019. In fact head lice are not even a CDC reportable condition. This means if you kid has lice it is not a public health threat. In addition most parents scour the house laundering, vacuuming and bagging. However none of the laundering, vacuuming and bagging are necessary for head lice. Especially relevant all of the laundering, vacuuming and bagging would only be appropriate if your child had bedbugs, fleas or body lice. In fact people in Colonial Williamsburg struggled with bedbugs, fleas and body lice daily in addition to head lice.

Lice Peace of Mind Today. Thankfully your child does not have bedbugs, fleas or body lice! Your child only has head lice. First of all head lice are surprisingly common in 2019.

In fact we see lice in:

• 20% of children ages 5-10

• 10% of children ages 11-13

• 5% of children ages 2-4

• 40% of Moms

• 2% of Dads

Because direct head-to-head contact is the primary mode of transmission for head lice. Who is curling up at bedtime and reading a book to the kids? That’s right, it takes more than a quick hug to catch lice!

Our DIY Lice Treatment Kit will keep you at the ready at all times for head lice.

Lice Peace of Mind Today!

Lice Peace of Mind Today!



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