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Uptick in Lice Spring 2019

23 April

Uptick in Lice Spring 2019. Wondering why you are seeing more lice cases this spring at your child’s school? It is not an anomaly. In fact head lice cases increase when the warm weather kicks in. Because head lice are able to reproduce more rapidly the warmer the weather is. Hence instead of it taking 8-10 days for the lice eggs to hatch, it takes 5-6 days in the warm weather. Therefore you are very likely to see more lice cases in spring than in the winter.

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3 Tips To Prevent Lice in Your Child

• Have you child wear their hair up in a ponytail or braids

• Keep your child’s hair as short as possible

• Do monthly preventative OMG combouts with the OMG Lice Comb and OMG Conditioner

DIY Lice Treatment For Uptick in Lice Spring 2019.

• Make sure you have The Complete OMG Lice Treatment Kit on hand

• Stop doing Laundry

• Stop vacuuming

• Be Nice to yourself… Head Lice are Manageable!

Uptick in Lice Spring 2019

Uptick in Lice Spring 2019

Uptick in Lice Spring 2019. Do you see nits but no lice in your child’s hair? Does nits with no lice mean your child actually has lice? In fact parents rarely see bugs in their child’s hair. Unless their child has had lice for at least 3 months! Furthermore, even in a severe lice infestation, a child can have only 8- 20 lice and hundreds of nits.

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Furthermore head lice are adept at camouflaging themselves so that they are, in fact, extremely hard to see. Lice have had thousands of years to adapt to the one place they call home. Your scalp! that’s right, in fact head lice are able to use the technology of iridescence to make themselves invisible to the human eye. For this reason many cases go undetected in children, allowing lice cases to spread in the elementary school setting.

Are you feeling taken aback when you learn there is lice in your child’s classroom? As a parent you will be surprised and upset to learn that head lice cases exist in your child’s school. You can treat lice at home, but pesticides are not recommended. Lice are now resistant to pesticides as shown in this 2016 study

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