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Human Lice Species. What type do you have?

08 April

Human Lice Species. First of all what kinds of lice can humans get? Can dogs and cats get head lice? Can Dogs and Cats spread lice? In fact Head lice only live on the human scalp and are not interested in anything off of a human scalp. Furthermore you will not find hair lice eggs off a scalp. Because head lice nits off of the scalp are no longer viable. And a lice egg off a human head will not be warm enough to survive.  Interestingly, Nits hatching off a human head will die immediately due to lack of food. In conclusion you won’t find head lice walking around in your home, off a human scalp.

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Human Lice Species. What do head lice like to eat?

• Head lice have evolved be exclusively interested in human blood.

• Lice take regular blood meals from the human scalp.

• Lice leave saliva, anticoagulant and an anaesthetic at the bite site.

• 98% of the time, humans have no reactions to lice bites.

Humans are unable to feel the lice biting us.

• After 2 or 3 months of head lice infestation, there is a tipping point in 10% of people.

• That 10% of people will develop head lice itching. In fact the itch feels like their scalp is on fire.

Human Lice Species. Head lice stigma means that parents don’t discuss head lice with other parents. Furthermore this situation just gives the head lice more time to spread around your child’s community. In fact parents are not aware that head lice transmission has taken place in their children.

Super Lice is the new name for head lice that have developed 100% resistance to OTC lice treatments containing pesticides.  Professional Lice Removal Treatment Boston allows you to get some sleep tonight! You deserve the peace of mind available from Professional lice treatment services. Call NitWits Today and sleep like a baby tonight.


Human Lice Species

Human Lice Species What Type of Lice Do You Have?

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