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08 March

Lice Treatment Experts. Have you had it up to here with the lice crisis at your school?

What about the lice fiasco in your own home?

Ready to get back to saving the world, instead of worrying about head lice?

First of all your sanity is important and so is your time. What if you could learn everything about head lice in 2 minutes? There are vast quantities of head lice information available on the internet, however most of it is conflicting. Furthermore parents need head lice information ASAP. In addition the lice learning curve is steep!

Lice Treatment Experts. Top 3 lice questions answered.

What the Heck are Hair Casts? 

It is easy misdiagnose to Hair Casts as head lice. Furthermore Hair Casts, also known as “Pseudo-Nits” have nothing to do with head lice. In fact Hair Casts are simply a harmless, waxy, friable substance that the hair follicle produces. And you can tell if it is a hair cast if you can easily slide it up and down the hair shaft, or crumble it between your fingers. Especially relevant many elementary school students are mistakenly told they have head lice and are kept out of school. Yet, upon further inspection it turns out they only have hair casts. Here is a photo of a hair cast.

Lice Treatment Experts

Hair Cast Not Head Lice


How to kill lice in the Freezer Overnight?

Place hair elastics, scrunchies, hair clips, hair brushes and hair ribbons in a plastic ziploc bag in the freezer overnight to make sure they don’t have any remnants of lice or nits on them. This is very effective, non-toxic and easy to do. And putting items in the freezer give you the added Peace of Mind that will allow you to sleep like a baby tonight!!

Lice & Nits Photos, How to tell the Difference?

Head lice and nits are able to expertly camouflage themselves while in the hair. In fact head lice appear to be completely transparent while moving through human hair. Hence, both head lice and nits are notoriously difficult to see while on the human scalp.

Here is a photo of head lice and nits.

Lice Treatment Experts

Head Lice Photo and Nits Photo





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