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Lice Eggs Nits Pictures. Identify Lice Eggs Today!

31 March

Lice Eggs Nits Pictures. First of all head lice incubation is 7 days long. And the lice eggs, known as nits, are extremely difficult to see with the naked eye. Furthermore in order to diagnose head lice you can refer to our head lice assessment guide. In addition our head lice assessment guide will tell you how long you have had head lice.

Lice-Assessment Guide

Lice Eggs Nits Pictures. Moms often ask us, can I catch lice? In fact we do see lice in 40% of Moms whose children have lice. Because head lice transmission happens through direct head-to-head contact. Therefore most Moms catch lice from their child when they curl up together at night to read a book to their child. 

Lice Eggs Nits Pictures. First of all where do lice come from? In fact head lice have been around for thousands of years. Head lice are ubiquitous in elementary school age children in the United States. Therefore your child will repeatedly have the chance to contract lice from age 4 to age 18. Furthermore even college students can contract head lice!

Lice Eggs Nits Pictures. What are the best ways to kill lice? First of all a quick visit to your local pharmacy will reveal the many lice treatment options available. You may be tempted to try pesticide lice treatments . However, you can still have an active case of head lice after using pesticide treatments. Because head lice have developed 100% resistance to pesticide lice treatments in North America. Furthermore you need to remove the nits in order to crash the lice colony and kill head lice. And the flimsy lice combs that come with pesticide lice treatment kits are ineffective at removing nits. 

Nits but no lice? Wondering if you really have head lice, but all you can see are nits? In fact head lice are often difficult to see. Because the bugs rarely travel on the surface of the hair. Instead lice travel close to the scalp to avoid being seen. In this photo the small items are lice eggs and the large items are lice.

Lice Eggs Nits Pictures

Lice Eggs Nits Pictures

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