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Hair Coloring Head Lice. Find Out if You Have Lice Now.

29 March

Hair Coloring Head Lice. Do you color your hair? Are you wondering if this protects you against head lice? In fact the only way hair coloring could kill a head louse would be if you only had one louse on your scalp. This would be a pregnant female louse looking to start laying eggs. If the hair coloring process happens before she starts laying eggs, there is a chance she could be killed by the chemicals in the hair coloring. However once she starts to lay eggs, hair coloring won’t make any difference. Because head lice eggs are bulletproof and impervious to hair coloring chemicals, other chemicals and pesticides.

Hair Coloring Head Lice. In fact head lice are extremely difficult to see with the human eye.

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Furthermore, due to smart lice camouflage, the body of a human head louse is completely clear like a jellyfish. Therefore while looking through the hair head lice cannot be diagnosed easily, if at all with just a visual check. In addition nit eggs are very difficult to detect upon visual inspection. Because nits have an invisible cloak called iridescence. Iridescence is very commonly used in the bird and insect world for camouflage as well as for attracting mates.

Hair Coloring Head Lice

Hair Coloring Head Lice

Hair Coloring Head Lice. Finally parents ask us at least once or twice a week does hair coloring kill lice. Many Moms, in particular, use hair coloring treatments on a regular basis. However hair coloring does not protect against contracting head lice. In fact we see many Moms every day with beautifully colored hair who have active cases of head lice. We see lice in 40% of Moms and 10% of Dads who we treat for lice at NitWits. So Moms you can keep coloring your hair, but it won’t keep head lice away. NitWits Boston’s #1 Go To Lice Professionals.


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