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The Best DIY Treatments for Head Lice. Lice are Manageable!

15 February

The Best DIY Treatments for Head Lice. Out of hundreds of DIY lice treatments, there is really only one that will work today and get your child back to school tomorrow. And yet are you still scratching your head wondering if you are using the most effective lice treatment?

The Best DIY Treatments for Head Lice. First of all many of you feel that there must be something in the items you already have at home that will treat head lice. Furthermore often you discover your child has head lice at 11:00 pm and it’s snowing outside. The idea of running to the pharmacy at midnight just doesn’t cut it.

In fact parents have been using lice home remedies for hundreds and thousands of years. Early colonists in Massachusetts used beef tallow to treat head lice. And they had the right idea. Smother the lice and make it difficult to move in the hair.

The Best DIY Treatments for Head Lice.

1. Do a preventative comb-out before and after traveling.

2. Ignore your house and focus on combing your child’s hair.

3. Ignore the chemical shampoos and use only OMG hair conditioner and the OMG Comb.

4. Put your child’s combs, brushes, & hair elastics in a ziplock bag in freezer overnight. 

5. If so inclined, pour yourself a glass of wine.

6. Head Lice are manageable not life threatening. If you need more advice, call nitwitsThe Best DIY Treatments for Head Lice

Head Lice is a nuisance but not a public health threat. Especially relevant: Head Lice don’t carry any diseases. We still don’t like the idea of bugs taking up non-consensual residence in our hair. In fact it bothers women way more than it bothers men. You can keep head lice at bay by combing your hair once a month with OMG Head Lice Conditioner Solution.

How does OMG Conditioner kill Head Lice? OMG Conditioner kills Lice by clogging their breathing tubes. My grandmother used to put beef suet on my Mom’s hair when she had Head Lice back in the 1930’s. Colonial American Settlers used beef tallow to treat head lice. We recommend you treat Head Lice without pesticides, because head lice in 2019 are resistant to pesticides.

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