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Nits Bugging You? Stop pulling your hair out! Get Help at NitWits!

27 February

Nits Bugging You? It’s midnight and you feel like something is moving on your scalp. In fact the more you think about it, you imagine that there really is something crawling through your hair!

In addition you are starting to feel itchy. Regardless, all of these thoughts are keeping you from sleeping. So you get on the internet and you google head lice.


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You find lots of lice information and advice, but most of it is from big pharmaceutical companies. And the drug companies are trying to sell you lice treatments containing pesticides. In fact pesticides are not effective in killing lice in 2019

Nits Bugging You?

Furthermore the drug companies aren’t providing you with helpful information about head lice. Therefore you find yourself tearing your hair out and possibly swearing at the computer! In addition you need to get up at 5:00am tomorrow to get the kids ready for school and to head to work!

Nits bugging you?

Head Lice Freaked Out Mom


Nits bugging you? OK, let’s say you actually discover lice and nits in your hair or your child’s hair! Can you kill lice or nits in the freezer? Yes, you can kill lice and nits in the freezer with the ziplock bag method. In fact you can put hair elastics, hats, bandanas, hair clips and headbands into a ziplock plastic bag in the freezer overnight to kill any nits or lice that may be on them!

What are those white specks in your hair?

• Could you have head lice or nits?

• In fact you might have hair casts which have nothing to do with head lice.

•Hair casts are a natural waxy substance that the hair follicle produces and attaches to     the hair shaft.

• Hair casts are often mistaken for lice nits.

Nits Bugging You? Yet you have done your due diligence researching head lice and whether or not you might have it. However after checking lice symptoms or head lice symptoms on the internet you are still not sure!

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