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Best Lice Treatment Options for Parents (updated for Winter of 2019)

13 February

Best Lice Treatment Options for Parents.

Best Lice Treatment Options for Parents. You wouldn’t put just any chemicals on your child’s head without getting assurance that they are effective and safe, right? I imagine you’d probably even get recommendations from other parents who’ve dealt with head lice before.

Best Lice Treatment Options for Parents. That’s why you need to get as much information as you can as quickly as you can. So you can regain your sanity and get your kid back to school as soon as possible.

Your family is at risk for ineffective and possibly toxic lice treatment options. Furthermore accurate information about safe and effective lice treatment can be difficult to access. Especially when time is of the essence.

Best Lice Treatment Options for Parents. You are on a steep learning curve about lice and a short timeline. The school nurse calls and says your child has lice. You race to school to pick up your kid, but then what’s next? Do you use lice chemicals from CVS, home lice remedies or a professional lice treatment service?

That’s why you need to learn about safe lice treatment options for 2019 when it comes to properly treating your family for lice.

Don’t fall into the “if I just ignore it the lice will go away on their own” trap. This is exactly what keeps head lice proliferating in your community. You try the OTC lice treatments, and even the Rx Lice Treatments.

You think your head lice are gone. When in fact the lice are still there in the form of lice eggs waiting to hatch. Because lice eggs aren’t affected by chemical lice treatments. In fact head lice themselves are no longer susceptible to pesticides found in lice treatments.

Best Lice Treatment Options for Parents

Pesticide Resistant Head Lice Map of US


Get the Facts on Effective Lice Treatment

All you lice treatment efforts need to focus on removal of the lice eggs called nits. Establishing an effective nit removal technique will assure that you are winning the war on lice.

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