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5 Common Head Lice Myths Busted. Get help today!

30 January

5 Common Head Lice Myths Busted. Head Lice is a misunderstood, but successful, human parasite. In 2019 head lice are thriving in the United States. Because misinformation about head lice is rampant. And the lack of accurate lice information is a further hindrance to parents trying to safely treat head lice.

5 Common Head Lice Myths Busted. First of all what do parents really need to know about head lice?

MYTH: Dogs and cats can get human head lice

FACT: Head Lice are obligate human parasites which means they can only live on humans

MYTH: Baby Lice can travel to new heads

FACT: Baby lice, called nymphs, need to stay right on the scalp for the first 10 days of their lives to stay warm, feed on blood, and mature.

MYTH: Head Lice Bites are visible

FACT: Lice bites are invisible and unfelt. 10% of head lice cases get an allergic rash on the back of the neck. The rash is not lice bites!

MYTH: Lice are in your house

FACT: The entire life cycle of a head louse takes place on the human scalp not more than 1/4 inch from the scalp. Why would lice ever want to leave a scalp, unless it was to travel to a new scalp?

MYTH: Pesticide lice treatments work

FACT: In 2016 Dr Dr. Kyong Sup Yoon showed that head lice are now 100% resistant to the most common pesticide lice treatments in the US

5 Common Head Lice Myths Busted

Mom Googling Lice

5 Common Head Lice Myths Busted. In fact most parents in 2019 report that they have already tried to use OTC or Rx Lice Treatments. However since lice are resistant to these chemicals, they still have head lice! Furthermore none of the lice treatments come with accurate combing instructions or an effective lice comb.

5 Common Head Lice Myths Busted. Need help dealing with your own personal lice nightmare? NitWits has an appointment for you today so give us a call! You will become a happy parent once again & sleep well tonight!

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