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Home Remedy Kills Head Lice. Sleep well tonight!

11 December

Home Remedy Kills Head Lice. First of all treating head lice should be simple and stress-free. Secondly, you want to know that what you are putting on your child’s head is not harmful. In addition we humans have been treating head lice for thousands of years. What parents don’t know is that head lice are harmless and are not a CDC reportable condition. In fact head lice don’t carry any transmissible diseases.

Unfortunately most parents run to the pharmacy for OTC or Rx lice treatments. The fact is, those chemical lice treatments are no longer effective. Hence parents have a false sense of security, thinking their child no longer has lice. When, in fact their child still has both bugs and nits.

Home Remedy Kills Head Lice. Are you ready to take on lice at home? Check out this lice kit from NitWits. The kit includes everything you need to be a NitWit at home!

The OMG Welcome to a Lice-Free World Lice Treatment Kit includes:

• OMG Nit-Free Terminator Comb

• OMG Head Lice Conditioner Treatment Solution

• OMG Head Lice Shampoo

• Award Winning Educational Film

• Welcome To a Lice-Free World Instructions

• NitWits Head Lice Diagnostics Chart

• Detangler Comb

• Hair Clips

Home Remedy Kills Head Lice.

Welcome To A Lice-Free World Lice Treatment Kit

Home Remedy Kills Head Lice. Why do people get so upset about head lice? Head lice have the ability to gross parents out as well as freak parents out. In fact many parents suffer from delusional parasitosis which is an actual psychiatric diagnosis. Hopefully you’re not that far gone!

Home Remedy Kills Head Lice. Finally parents can regain both their peace of mind and their sanity. Our award winning educational film about head lice explains why you do not need to vacuum, launder or bag. In addition you’ll learn about the lice cycle of these annoying critters. Furthermore you can prevent head lice from reinfesting your family with one simple step.

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