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Happy Holidays Head Lice Update. Holiday Peace of Mind!

03 December

Happy Holidays Head Lice Update. Can you get head lice in December? Really? Yes, folks it’s true you can get lice in December… and January and February. In fact head lice are present all year around. Furthermore parents are horrified to discover that their kids have head lice while visiting the family in New York or Connecticut or Massachusetts! And the holidays bring their own special kinds of stress. Add Head Lice the the mix and you have the makings of a perfect storm of a lice holiday nightmare for parents.

Happy Holidays Head Lice Update.

• Are you hoping to get concrete helpful answers about head lice and to cut through the cacophony of head lice confusion?

Lice-Assessment Guide

• First of all parents are presented with a tremendous amount of distressing, confusing, and sometimes disturbing, information about how to best treat head lice.

• Secondly parents feel that they are in a huge time crunch to both eradicate lice while zooming up a steep learning curve in a matter of minutes!

•Furthermore in our busy world today’s parents don’t have time to treat head lice properly. Because treating lice properly takes time and patience.

• Hence parents feel hamstrung between trying to do a quick, yet exhaustive, google search about head lice treatment and choosing what to do!

Happy Holidays Head Lice Update.  Over the hills and through the woods to grandma’s house we go. Bringing with us holiday cheer and… Head Lice? Yup, from the point of view of a head louse, your children are just like the MBTA. In fact your kid is simply providing reliable transportation from one nice warm scalp to the next. In fact head lice like kids scalps a lot more than adult scalps. Kids just love to rub their heads together. In addition kids scalps are actually warmer than adult scalps. Here at NitWits we see head lice in 40% of Moms and 5% of Dads.

“Wait…?” you ask in horror, “how long has this been going on?” First of all head lice have been traveling in human hair for at least 10,000 years. In addition no matter how we as humans have tried to get rid of head lice, we have failed. Head Lice are adaptable and able to survive despite new pesticidal lice treatments being available. In fact part of the adaptability of head lice is their ability to evade detection by the human eye. That’s right, head lice are hard to see! Hence many head lice infestations go undetected, sometimes for months.

Happy Holidays Head Lice Update

No Lice Here!

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