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Lice Treatment Options. Fast Facts Parent Need to Know.

01 October

Lice Treatment Options. Stress and confusion are often the first reactions parents have when they learn lice is going around their child’s daycare or school. In fact, most parents race to purchase lice shampoo right away. However what parents don’t know is that head lice are not affected by the majority of lice shampoos on the market today. This recent study proves that head lice have successfully become resistant to OTC lice pesticides. Therefore the use of OTC lice products containing pesticides is not a valuable use of parent’s time or money!

Lice Treatment Options. In addition to confusion about actually treating lice, parents also waste a large amount of precious time trying to purge their home environment of lice. In fact head lice are not in your home at all. First of all in order for a head louse to survive, the louse needs 3 things:



Optimal environment for mating in reproduction

Let’s take a look at these 3 requirements for head lice survival one at a time.

• Food: Head lice have evolved to feed exclusively on human blood.

   Head lice cannot survive on cats or dogs, or other mammals or primates.

• Shelter: Head lice have evolved to live exclusively on the human scalp in human hair.

   Other kinds of lice like body lice and pubic lice do not live on the human scalp.

• Environment: Head lice lay eggs 1/8″ off the scalp, a location that is the optimal

  temperature and humidity for the eggs to mature and survive once they hatch.

Lice Treatment Options

Welcome to a Lice-Free World Lice Treatment Kit

Lice Treatment Options. First of all the bottom line is that any lice treatment option you choose must include mechanical removal of the lice eggs. Because if any lice eggs remain on the hair, the lice colony can repopulate and the lice infestation will continue. The best way to mechanically remove lice eggs is with a good metal nit comb such as the OMG Lice Comb. Furthermore if you combine the OMG Lice Comb with the OMG Head Lice Conditioner Solution you are all set to treat lice at home! Feeling like you need help? Call Christine at NitWits 24/7 for an appointment with Boston’s Best Lice Pros!

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