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17 October

Lice Shampoo Frequency? Parents are at a loss about how to safely treat head lice at home. First of all parents find it confusing to discover that their children have lice without any itching symptoms.  Secondly parents are eager to learn how to effectively kill lice without harming their children. In addition many common myths about head lice exist, making clear decision making about lice treatment difficult.

Lice Shampoo Frequency? For parents to be able to treat lice completely at home, mechanical removal of the lice eggs is required. Therefore store bought pesticide lice shampoos are not completely effective in the treatment of head lice in 2018. Because head lice are able to survive chemical head lice treatments. Hence parents need to be able to carefully comb all of the nits out of the hair to be certain that their child is lice free.

Lice Shampoo Frequency? Lice photos and nit photos only tell part of the story. Because head lice are very cleverly camouflaged so that the human eye cannot detect them. In addition head lice and nits look differently when alive and when dead. Therefore it is important to use a good hair conditioner and a good metal nit comb to completely remove all lice and nits from the scalp.

Lice Shampoo Frequency? Wondering how long your child has had lice? Check out our free diagnostic chart here.Lice Shampoo Frequency?

Lice Shampoo Frequency? My child has what looks like lice bites on the back of his neck. What are these red spots? This is a questions we hear often from parents at NitWits Lice Treatment Boston. In fact the red spots on the back of your child’s neck are not lice bits. Rather, the red spots are an allergic rash from lice bites. Lice introduce substances during the feeding process including anticoagulant, anaesthetic and saliva. Over time some people become allergic to some or all of these substances and break out in a rash on the back of the neck.

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