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Top 3 Lice Prevention Tips. Get Lice-Savvy Now!

04 September

Top 3 Lice Prevention Tips. It’s back to school time and parents are concerned about head lice exposure. Here are the

Top 3 things parents can do

to decrease the likelihood that their kids will get head lice this school year:

  1. Do a preventive lice check each month.

  2. Have your child wear their hair as short as possible (or back in a ponytail).

  3. Don’t waste time bagging stuffed animals.

Top 3 Lice Prevention Tips. What exactly is a preventative lice check? A preventative lice check means you take a good metal lice comb and comb through the hair with conditioner once a month. When you do this, you will be able to diagnose head lice if your child has it. In addition, if you do the lice check monthly you are far more likely to diagnose head lice early in the lice infestation. Hence the head lice treatment process will be much faster and easier. The start of school means kids are returning from summer camp, often with head lice infestations.

Download Free Head Lice Diagnostic Chart

Top 3 Lice Prevention Tips. In addition, shorter hair is safer when it comes to head lice. Because head lice need the habitat of a human scalp. Specifically head lice need the habitat of hair on a human scalp. If you shave your child’s head, he or she will no longer have head lice. Because head lice need human hair for all parts of the head lice life cycle. Lice need hair to keep them warm. Also lice need hair to lay their eggs on. In addition lice need hair to hold onto, or they would fall of the head. And finally lice need hair to hide in so humans (their only predator) can’t see them!
Top 3 Lice Prevention Tips. Why don’t you need to waste time bagging stuffed animals? Because head lice don’t actually live on stuffed animals. In fact head lice can’t survive off a human head. Therefore you won’t find lice hiding out in your furniture, linens or clothing. Head lice are often mistaken for bed bugs or body lice. Don’t worry, your child does not have body lice or bed bugs!


Top 3 Lice Prevention Tips

Top 3 Lice Prevention Tips


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