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26 September

Super Lice Resistance. Mutant Super Lice bothering folks in your neighborhood? September is high season for lice. During the first month of school, head lice often reach their peak in terms of infestations inschool aged children. According to this study in the Journal of Entomology  in 42 of the 48 states tested, 100% of the tested lice have developed resistance to the active ingredients in the most commonly used OTC lice treatments.

Super Lice Resistance. Most people experience zero symptoms when they contract head lice. That’s right: zero symptoms! That means most people never have itching due to lice.  This can be confusing to parents when they discover their child has lice and no itching symptoms.

Super Lice Resistance. Head lice bite the human scalp several times each day. However the you can’t feel a head louse biting you and you are very unlikely to experience itching afterwards. When a head louse takes a blood meal by biting the scalp, the louse introduces 3 substances: saliva, an anticoagulant, and an anesthetic into the bite site on the human host. Any, or all, of these substances can trigger an allergic reaction, however this rarely happens. Only 20% of individuals with lice experience itching symptoms, and this only after they have had head lice for at least 3 months.

Super Lice Resistance. One of the symptoms of head lice that can develop after 4-6 weeks of lice infestation is a rash on the back of the neck. This rash is often mistaken for lice bites, however it is not live bites. The rash is an allergic reaction to either louse saliva, louse anticoagulant, or louse anesthetic.

Your best bet is to lice removal treatment service such as NitWits . NitWits provides a premium head lice treatment service, with the most experienced, highly trained staff in the Boston area. Every visit is completely confidential, and every client is treated in a private treatment room. Contact NitWits today to see why Boston parents are raving about our services.

Super Lice Resistance

Head Lice Resistance 100% in red states


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