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14 September

Head lice removal today. Once you discover head lice on your child’s head, you want it gone yesterday! That’s why NitWits is here to help. Most parents find head lice removal confusing and a bit intimidating. In addition, there is a strong head lice stigma in 2018!  So next steps for parents can feel overwhelming.

Head lice removal today. Time is the thing parents don’t have in 2018. So how can a parent get the latest, most helpful information on head lice? Are you wondering how long your child has had lice? Or do you wonder if your child even has lice?

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Head lice removal today. First of all head lice removal is not rocket science. Secondly the right tools and good information, can prepare parents to treat lice at home. Furthermore, if parents feel that DIY lice treatment is too overwhelming, Professional Lice Treatment options are available.

The American Academy of Pediatrics  (AAP) and the National Association of School Nurses (NASN) both say children should not be kept out of school if they have head lice. Also some schools have no-nit policies and some schools don’t. So this leads to parents feeling stressed out and not understanding their options for lice treatment. Here is a direct quote from the CDC website:

“Both the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the National Association of School Nurses (NASN) advocate that “no-nit” policies should be discontinued. “No-nit” policies that require a child to be free of nits before they can return to schools should be discontinued for the following reasons:

  • Many nits are more than ¼ inch from the scalp. Such nits are usually not viable and very unlikely to hatch to become crawling lice, or may in fact be empty shells, also known as ‘casings’.

  • Nits are cemented to hair shafts and are very unlikely to be transferred successfully to other people.

  • The burden of unnecessary absenteeism to the students, families and communities far outweighs the risks associated with head lice.

  • Misdiagnosis of nits is very common during nit checks conducted by nonmedical personnel.”

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