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With Summer Camp Goes Head Lice Woes

05 August

With Summer Camp Goes Head Lice Woes.

• With Summer Camp Goes Head Lice Woes

• Warm weather means more head lice as lice breed faster in summer.

• Kids are together with cousins, siblings, friends and bunk-mates all summer.

• This gives head lice more opportunities to walk from head to head.

With Summer Camp Goes Head Lice Woes. Your child just got back from summer camp with a letter from the camp nurse saying there is a head lice outbreak at the camp, and to check your child’s scalp. First of all yes, head lice is more prevalent in the summer. Because the head lice life cycle happens more quickly in the warmer temperatures. Furthermore, kids are snuggling together all summer at camp, at family reunions and at the beach. In addition the majority of lice-infested kids never suffer any itching symptoms. Therefore parents have no warning that a head lice colony might be setting up camp on their kid’s head.

With Summer Camp Goes Head Lice Woes. Parenting is stressful enough without having to worry about an uninvited parasite living in your child’s hair. First of all when head lice hits, most parents don’t have a clue about how to proceed. In addition, many parents experience what is known as “delusional parasitosis” when their whole body itches, and they imagine they have creepy crawlies on their scalp at 3am! As a result parents find themselves in a tizzy and cannot think rationally when head lice invades their family. And parents will race to the drugstore to purchase pesticidal lice treatments, not understanding that lice have developed resistance to the pesticides.

With Summer Camp Goes Head Lice Woes. First of all when you google head lice you discover a zillion options for treatment, none of them the same. Therefore there is a tremendous amount of confusion for parents dealing with head lice for the first time. This adds to the “lice stress’ that parents are already experiencing. One options for parents is a professional lice treatment service, that takes care of your lice problem in an hour or two.

With Summer Camp Goes Head Lice Woes

Summer Camp Head Lice

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