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Head Lice Look Like Sesame Seeds. What’s a Mom to do?

27 August

Head Lice Look Like Sesame Seeds. First of all head lice are nearly impossible to see while they are still alive. In addition their eggs are also difficult to detect. Therefore parents are often completely taken by surprise when they discover their child has head lice. In addition having a head lice diagnosis can be extremely frustrating for parents in 2018, because head lice information is both copious, contradictory and therefore, confusing.

– Here’s what to look for if you suspect your child might have head lice.

• An allergic rash on the back of the neck, caused by a reaction to lice bites.

Itchy areas above the ears

• Brown sesame seed sized matter in the hair, close to the scalp

Head Lice Look Like Sesame Seeds. Why do lice like kids better than adults? Kids scalps are different from adult scalps in 3 significant ways.

• First children’s scalps are warmer than adult scalps.
• Secondly children have more hair shafts per square inch than do adults, this provides more cover from detection.
• Thirdly, the skin on children’s scalps is thinner than on adult scalps,  therefore making it easier to take a blood meal.
Head Lice Look Like Sesame Seeds

Head Lice Look Like Sesame Seeds

Head Lice Look Like Sesame Seeds. Lice are masters of deception and camouflage. First of all head lice have only one predator on the planet and that is us humans. Therefore it makes sense that head lice have developed ways to evade detection by the human eye.

Head Lice Look Like Sesame Seeds. Here are the top 3 ways head lice can camouflage themselves.

  1. Head lice are clear like a jellyfish when alive, therefore invisible to the human eye
  2. Lice eggs have an iridescent coating on their outer shell, that reflects light so they are not visible to humans.
  3. Head lice stay as close to the scalp as possible, using layers of hair to camouflage their presence.

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