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Head Lice Neem Oil. Top 3 Lice Myths Busted! Yippee!

19 July

Head Lice Neem Oil. Lice Myth #1: All you need is Neem Oil. Well, not exactly. First of all lice breathe through little tiny tubes that allow the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Secondly these little tubes, or tubules, are in the exterior shell of the head louse and they are called spiracles. Lastly Lice can open and close the spiracles to prevent substances besides air from entering the shell. OMG Head Lice Conditioner Solution can penetrate the spiracles and suffocate the louse. But to get to the bottom of your head lice problem you need to mechanically remove all of the lice eggs. If you don’t remove all of the lice eggs, the eggs will start to hatch and repopulate the lice colony again.

Head Lice Neem Oil. Lice Myth #2: Head lice can jump. No they can’t because they don’t have hind legs to jump. The photos here show a grasshopper and a katydid. Grasshoppers and katydids can not only jump, but also fly! Head Lice Cannot Jump!

Head Lice Neem Oil. Lice Myth #3: OTC Lice Treatments are effective. Actually No! Pesticides can’t kill lice anymore. Therefore parents are now left with the prospect of trying to figure out how to handle super lice. Most parents find this daunting. In an age where multitasking Moms barely have time to comb their kid’s hair, head lice can put you right over the edge.  Boston’s Premier Lice Treatment Service is right at your fingertips.

Head Lice Neem Oil. First of all the OMG Nit-Free Terminator Lice Comb mechanically removes nits. In addition the OMG Comb gets out all the nits and lice in your child’s hair without the use of pesticides. Need help doing the comb-outs? Call NitWits and come and see us today! You’ll sleep like a baby tonight! You deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are completely Lice-Free!


Head Lice Neem Oil

Bugs that jump

Head Lice Neem Oil

Bugs that Jump and Fly

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