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Head Lice Eggs Summer Camp. Get A Head Check Today.

05 July

Head Lice Eggs Summer Camp. How can I tell if my child has been exposed to lice at camp? Has your child has just returned from camp? Do you want to know if he or she has been exposed to head lice? Give us a holler over here at NitWits Boston’s #1 Lice Professionals and we will provide an instant head lice diagnosis today. Your peace of mind is worth it! Head lice have have thousands of years to develop clever camouflage methods to make detection difficult. Therefore head lice eggs are extremely difficult to see with the naked eye. A case of head lice can turn into a full-blown lice infestation and go undetected for several months or longer.

Head Lice Eggs Summer Camp. First of all parents have been led to believe that there is a quick fix for lice. Everyone just wants a magic bullet to take care of lice quickly. However you can’t get rid of lice without actually mechanically removing the head lice eggs, better known as nits, from the hair. Furthermore the head lice have attached the nits to the hair shaft with super-glue. Thus the nits are the nits incredibly hard to remove. You can try to pull them off with your fingernails, but it is likely that you will miss a few of the nits. Why? Because nits are maddeningly hard to see.

Head Lice Eggs Summer Camp. Head lice have a very effective camouflage so that we humans cannot see them or their eggs. Consequently this is why you need to have the OMG Comb in your arsenal of tools to treat head lice at home. In fact the OMG comb coupled with OMG Lice Treatment Solution and OMG Shampoo are the only tools you need to treat head lice at home. All a parent needs is the right tool and the correct information about head lice. The correct information about head lice includes the fact that you do not need to clean your house or your clothes or your linens, only your child’s scalp!

Head Lice Eggs Summer Camp

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Head lice eggs summer camp

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