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Checking Lice Summer Camp Peace of Mind!

16 July

Checking Lice. Summer camp is happening right now, however you find that you’re totally freaking out that your kids have lice. Will you kids pass the pre-camp lice check on the first day of camp?  And you can’t sleep at night and you are constantly checking you kids for lice. Wait a minute, you don’t even know what to look for when it come to lice! Does checking for lice even work? If you are feeling overwhelmed by Mommy Lice Stress, help is available.NitWits LLC has been calming Moms for 14 years in the Boston area.Furthermore we educate you, treat your head lice lickety-split, and arm you with everything you need to keep head lice from ever coming back to torment your family again!

Checking Lice.”Uggh!  I can’t stand it when the camp nurse sends my child home from camp because she has lice.  Lice seems to be constantly going around my daughter’s summer camp. Will it ever end?” Head lice have been with us for thousands of years. In addition lice have become extremely adaptable to whatever we try to use to eradicate them. Especially relevant, lice are now resistant to chemicals in lice shampoos. To learn more about the best head lice removal treatment, contact us here at NitWits.  We are Boston’s #1 lice  professionals and we really know lice!

Checking Lice. Boston’s Premier Lice Professionals Owned and Operated by School Nurse Berit Pratt RN BSN MPH. You can be confident when you have an appointment with NitWits that you will be given all of the tools and knowledge you need to survive lice in your family, and even learn to smile again! Not only will your sense of humor return, but you will also learn also that lice is not big deal. We don’t use pesticides or chemicals and our award-winning lice treatment is eco-friendly and all natural.

Checking Lice

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