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06 June

Long lice treatment is no longer necessary. Because of the cycle in which lice eggs hatch, once you remove all of the nits you no longer need to apply chemicals to your child’s scalp. First of all the majority of parents don’t know that a center for lice removal exists. In addition many parents panic and run to the drugstore for OTC pesticide lice treatments. Furthermore, this 2016 study showed that the most common pyrethroid pesticide used in OTC lice treatments is no longer effective.

Long lice treatment. Have you found lice on scalp on your child? Do you feel completely confused about what steps to take to eradicate head lice?  First of all there is a tremendous amount of confusion about where do the head lice come from? Secondly, hard science is scarce regarding what truly works to rid lice from your family. In addition a strong head lice stigma still exists in the US. This head lice stigma leads parents to not tell anyone their child has lice.

Long lice treatment. Lice nits actually do not cause the itching symptoms of head lice. Because the lice lay the nits on the hair shaft. Then after 6 days the nits hatch and begin to mature. In addition when nits hatch the lice are tiny nymphs. Furthermore the nymphs are like preemies. They need to stay right next to the scalp in order to stay warm enough to survive and to get enough food to eat. Therefore immature lice never leave the scalp looking for a new host. In fact only the mature pregnant female lice leave the scalp in order to establish new satellite lice colonies. 

Long lice treatment. Parents often ask us how do you get lice? In fact lice have been around for thousands of years and have had plenty of time to adapt to the human scalp. Furthermore the human scalp is the only habitat that head lice inhabit. In addition head lice stigma comes from parents confusing head lice with body lice and pubic lice. Especially relevant, body lice and pubic lice are completely different from head lice.

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