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20 June

Home lice cure. Parents often ask how to kill the lice and nits on their children’s heads. There is a surprising amount of confusion and misinformation about head lice on the internet. The urban myths and conflicting head lice information creates additional stress for parents when their kids get head lice. Parents keep hearing about “Super Lice” and this makes them even more fearful that they will never be able to get rid of super lice!

Home lice cure. Head Lice are now able to survive pesticide lice shampoos treatments. Lice have developed resistance to pesticide containing lice treatments in 48 states.   This means parents need help and useful information when it comes to the best ways to treat head lice in 2018. Most parents have no idea how to diagnose head lice, whether or not lice are in their home environment, or how long the head lice incubation period lasts.

Home lice cure. Since pesticides don’t work, mechanical removal of the lice and nits is necessary. First of all, if done properly, you can remove all of the lice and nits from your child’s scalp. In addition the best tool for head lice removal treatment is the OMG Comb. Yup, the OMG Comb is the only comb our NitWits staff uses. Furthermore our Professional Lice Practitioners swear by it. Not only does the OMG Comb pull out the bugs, but it also strips the nits off of the hair shaft.

Home lice cure. Here are some of the top ten FAQs we get here at NitWits:

1. Does Hair Dye Kill Head Lice? We have not seen this to be true. Once the nits are laid, they are bulletproof and impervious to hair dye, coloring of hair, and any other potions. You might chose to put all sorts of solutions on your hair in the hopes of killing the lice.  Don’t bother, since if the nits are still alive, you still have head lice.

2. What color are head lice? Head lice are clear when they are alive, which is what makes them so difficult to see. When dead head lice turn brown.

3. How long is head lice incubation? Head lice incubate inside the lice egg, or nit, for 6-8 days.

4. What are the symptoms of lice in hair? Most people have no symptoms when they have lice. A small minority of people develop an itchy scalp, but only after about 3 months of their lice infestation.

In general head lice do not like adult hair and they do not like men. We see head lice in 40% of Moms and 5% of Dads. Want to end your head lice nightmare today? Peace of mind is yours. Call Nitwits today, sleep like a baby tonight!

Home lice cure

Home lice cure

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