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03 May

Super Lice Increasing.  First of all head lice are now resistant to the most common lice shampoo chemicals are widespread in the US in 2016. Dr. Yoon in his 2016 study looked at head lice samples collected from 48 out of 50 US states and found that head lice have developed genetic resistance to pesticides in all US  48 states. Furthermore Best Head Lice Treatment Boston  discovered an easy and safe way to treat head lice without pesticides.

Super Lice Increasing. Head lice are successful obligate parasites. This means that in order for the species to survive they must be able to adapt to any challenges placed in their path. Challenges such as pesticides intended to kill head lice. Head lice have now become resistant to pesticides.

Super Lice Increasing. Because Head lice are just doing what they have always done, which is to be able to develop gene mutations that make them less susceptible to chemicals that we humans try to treat them with. Especially relevant this is true for all organisms classified as pests, bacteria included. Finally If you put chemicals on organisms enough times, they will become resistant.

Super Lice Increasing. Parents get very stressed out about head lice, but they need not be worried. Head lice are manageable and they are harmless. Head lice do not carry any disease. If your child had head lice for a year, there would be no harm done to her health. In fact many kids do have head lice for 6 months to a year, with no symptoms whatsoever. Most people never develop itching symptoms from lice, at least not in the first 2 months of the lice infestation.

The biggest problem for parents is a lack of accurate information about head lice and a strong stigma. There are many urban myths about lice that continue to circulate amongst the parent community. These myths lead parents to vacuum, bag, and launder everything in the house, non of which makes any difference in the management of  head lice. To learn more contact the lice experts at NitWits Boston

Super Lice on the Rise in the US

Super Lice Increasing

Super Lice Increasing


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