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15 May

Lice Help Today. Are you in the middle of a lice crisis at your house? Wondering if the lice treatment you got at CVS is working? Are you not sure you want to use pesticides on your children? First of all NitWits will answer all of you lice questions and more. In addition NitWits does not use pesticides hence you don’t need to worry about toxicity. Furthermore we will talk you off the Lice Ledge and get you back to sanity. Because you do not need to be laundering anything, or even vacuuming or bagging stuffed animals if you family has lice.

Lice Help Today. Parents often say to us “I didn’t even know that such a thing as a Professional Lice Removal Treatment Service in Boston existed”. Yes folks, not only do we do head lice 24/7, but head lice is all we do. Need help with bedbugs? Sorry we only do one bug and that is lice. Furthermore are you concerned about ticks or fleas? Once again we are sorry that we can’t help you with those bugs either. Because for 14 years, since 2004, all we at NitWits have cared about is one arthropod, head lice. Especially relevant, head lice are obligate parasites. Obligate parasites only prey on one specific host to which they have efficiently adapted. And that one host is humans. In other words your family dog or cat or guinea pig cannot get head lice, because head lice are only adapted to the human scalp.

Lice Help Today. Not tomorrow and not the day after. Today. Give Christine a call at NitWits to set up your private, discreet appointment. We guarantee you will sleep like a baby tonight!. In addition your lice crisis will be over and you can go back to your regular day to life again.

Lice Help Today. Parents love us for our fast, family-friendly service and our guarantee. At NitWits we will get your child back to school ASAP. And we pride ourselves on our Environmental Mission. 

  • NitWits is a proud member of 1% for the Planet. We take responsibility for the health of our planet by donating 1% of annual sales to environmental nonprofits creating positive change. Learn more at onepercentfortheplanet.org.
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