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30 May

Kill Lice Naturally Today. Could there be anything worse than Head Lice? That dreaded phone call from your child’s school nurse telling you that your child is “infested”.  Suddenly, you feel as if you are living in the Middle Ages. Will you be banished from your school and quarantined? The Witchcraft of Salem Village seems more apropos. You can’t tell one head lice removal treatment from the next.  What’s a Mom to do?  NitWits to the rescue. NitWits Intelligent Lice Removal Treatment. Boston’s Premier White Glove Lice Treatment Experts, on call all the time. We treat one insect and one insect only, that insect is Head Lice. 

Kill Lice Naturally Today. Because clients come to NitWits after using pesticide lice treatments, we know these treatments don’t work. In addition recent research has backed this up.  We still see many nits and lice hair in clients after the use of pesticide use. What does work then, you might ask? We have found our exclusive OMG Lice Comb combined with our proprietary OMG Lice Conditioner Solution to be the Best and the only lice treatment that works. Want to know how to use the OMG Lice Comb? Hence, Come on down to our NitWits office and we will teach you everything you need to know about treating lice without chemicals and without pesticides. Our Award Winning Educational Film, explains everything you ever wanted to know about head lice. You will depart from your visit highly educated about head lice.

Kill Lice Naturally Today. First of all families will try mayonnaise, olive oil, raid insect spray, kerosene, and even vasoline to rid their children of head lice. Furthermore Parents even wonder if hair dye kill lice treatment works. Finally No, hair dye does not kill or prevent head lice. Therefore if the lice like your hair, they will find you and they can make your life as a parent super-stressful.

In Conclusion Our NitWits team is on call 24/7. Call us and we’ll take care of it today. No toxic chemicals, lots of helpful information. And, of course, free Ben and Jerry’s ice cream! 617-816-9487.

Kill Lice Naturally Today

OMG Lice Comb

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