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Can Adults Get Head Lice? You bet! NitWits To The Rescue!

07 May

Can Adults Get Head Lice? OMG your child has lice. Now you wonder if you have it too. First of all we see head lice in about 40% of Moms and 10% of Dads when their children have lice. Furthermore all parents do suffer from something known as “delusional parasitosis“. Because, as a parent, whether or not you actually have head lice, delusional parasitosis will cause you to believe that you itch. In addition with delusional parasitosis  you’ll feel like you have things moving on your scalp.  In fact both your, and your child’s, scalps must be touching for at least 20 minutes to contract head lice. Consequently the majority of parents do not get head lice because their scalps are not close enough to their child’s scalps for a long enough period of time.

Can Adults Get Head Lice? First of all the most common modes of head lice transmission are from child to child and also from child to adult. It is rare for two adults to transmit head lice to one another. In addition head lice are quite picky about who they will consider as a new host. Because head lice need a scalp that is exactly the correct temperature. In fact children’s scalps are a fraction of a degree warmer than adult scalps. In addition children tend to have finer hair and more of it. Hence the scalp of a child constitutes the perfect environment for a new colony of head lice to survive on and thrive on.

Can Adults Get Head Lice? Adults often spend the majority of their time performing totally ineffective actions once their child is diagnosed with head lice. For example parents will throw out pillows, bedding, towels and carpets in an effort to rid their family of lice. However head lice are not in pillows, bedding, towels or carpets. Head lice live in only one environment on the the planet and that is the human scalp. So quit doing housework. Forget about your house and start combing out your child’s hair with the OMG Nit-Free Terminator Lice Comb. and OMG Head Lice Solution.

Can Adults Get Head Lice

Can Adults Get Head Lice

Can Adults Get Head Lice?

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