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23 April

Nit removal service help for the weary overwhelmed Moms dealing with head lice. First of all are you feeling like you just don’t have an extra second in the day to deal with a head lice crisis? In fact, you are most likely suffering from an acute case of MLS or Mom Lice Stress. What are the top 3 symptoms of Mom Lice Stress? You haven’t slept well in days, your house is a mess and you feel itchy all the time.

Nit removal service help. Does it seem like your child’s head lice never goes away? First of all let’s get the facts about lice transmission straight the first time. In fact if you remove the adult lice it doesn’t mean you have gotten all of the nits out of the hair. Getting the nits out is manageable, but it takes time. If you want to be certain you are getting the best head lice experts in town, you want to be sure you are calling  NitWits in Belmont

Nit removal service help. The NitWits difference. What makes Nitwits “Best in Class” and Boston’s Premier Lice Removal Treatment Clinic? You have undoubtedly heard about NitWits outstanding service and reliability. Parents love our education-focused sessions. Not only do we get rid of lice and nits for everyone in your family, but we also teach you everything you need to know about keeping lice from returning to your family. This guarantees your peace of mind.

Nit removal service help. We teach your about head lice stigma, head lice transmission, and head lice diagnosis. When your child keeps getting lice over and over again, you know something is just not working. Not only that, but most parents feel somewhat uncomfortable using pesticides on their kids. Not sure what you are doing wrong? If you don’t get every single last nit (hair lice egg), then the head lice colony will start up all over again. Pesticide shampoos are not effective. You must comb with a good metal nit comb to get all the nits out.

Nit removal service help

Hair Lice Eggs

Why Does My Child Keep Getting Lice? | Nitwits
My child keeps getting lice over and over again. Every time I treat her the lice seem to go away. Then a month later, they are back. What am I doing wrong? If you don’t get every single last nit (hair lice egg), then the head lice colony will start up all over again. Pesticide shampoos do not work with head lice any more so head lice are thriving in 2016.

Nit removal service help

Can you identify the lice and nits?

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