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29 April

Lice Picking Help. It’s 2018 and you just found out your child has head lice. First of all you don’t know anything about head lice. In addition you don’t have enough time in the day to deal with head lice, whatever it is! Lastly your child’s school nurse says your child needs to be rid of head lice before she can return to the classroom. No-Nit Policies are the thorn in the side of working parents who are told to get rid of their kid’s lice, but don’t have the first clue about effective head lice treatment.

Lice Picking Help. Most parents assume that one of the cardinal symptoms lice hair is an itchy scalp. In fact people suffering from a head lice infestation rarely exhibit itching symptoms. Furthermore the majority of people with head lice don’t know that they have it. This adaptation shows all the signs of a highly successful obligate human parasite. Head lice have been with humans for at least 170,000 years. And head lice have been able to adapt and thrive no matter what we throw at them. Pesticide resistance to lice treatments is widespread in the U.S.

Lice Picking Help. You might logically ask how long does it take before lice eggs hatch? Head lice operate on a 30 day life cycle. Lice eggs, colloquially known as nits, hatch 7 days after the female louse lays them on the hair shaft. In addition, lice eggs are encased in very tough shells which pesticidal lice treatments are unable to penetrate. Furthermore  the louse attaches the nit to the hair shaft with an impressive “super-glue” making the nits very difficult to remove. Thus parents are up until 3am trying to pull the nits out of their children’s hair.

Lice Picking Help. Some parents look into hiring a professional nit picking service to deal with the parent nightmare known as head lice.  All Lice Services are not alike. Parents have trusted and turned to NitWits Professional Lice Treatment for 14 years. NitWits comes highly recommended and parents rave about our services. 

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