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11 April

How to cure lice in hair. Having a bad hair day today? Lice means a super bad hair day! Parents wonder how long does lice treatment take. First of all lice can’t be cured by a 10 minute pesticide lice treatment. Because head lice are now resistant to lice pesticides.  Furthermore lice treatment that does not include combing is not effective. Because if you don’t remove the nits, or lice eggs, then you still have a lice infestation. 

How to cure lice in hair. Does lice treatment kill nits? First of all it depends on what you are using for lice treatment.  Because lice treatments containing chemicals do not cure lice. In addition to get rid of lice naturally you must use a good metal lice comb. The OMG Nit-Free Terminator Comb safely and consistently removes all lice and nits from a lice scalp. 

How to cure lice in hair. Parents often ask us what to do after lice treatment. To begin with a good rule of thumb is do a preventative OMG lice comb-out monthly to prevent lice. Secondly, have your child keep their hair short or up in a ponytail. Thirdly when your child goes away to sleepover camp this summer make sure to do a preventative OMG lice comb-out before they leave. Then when they return from camp, do an OMG diagnostic comb-out to make sure they didn’t bring lice home from camp.

How to cure lice in hair. Head lice in hair can be a major stress disaster for parents. Most parents don’t know how to get rid of lice naturally or safely. By the time families come to NitWits they haven’t slept in days and they are extremely anxious. Our award-winning NitWits educational video is the ultimate de-stress remedy. You will learn everything you need to know about head lice (but were afraid to ask). In addition you will understand where head lice stigma comes from. Finally you will learn how to return to sanity after your child has lice. Call Christine at NitWits right now for the best peace of mind money can buy!

How to Cure Lice in Hair

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