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18 April

Head lice cycle. Do I have head lice is the first thing parents think of at 3am when they awaken with an itchy scalp.  First of all itching is not a common symptom of head lice. Because you need to have had lice for at least 3 months before you might possibly itch. In addition, head lice do not spread very quickly. If your child has lice there is a 30-50% chance that you have it too. This depends on how long your child has had head lice. Furthermore all parents get something called delusional parasitosis, a real psychiatric condition. And the symptoms of delusional parasitosis include itching, feeling something moving on your scalp and high anxiety.

Head lice cycle. Many parents wonder when you have lice can you actually see head lice in hair. In fact a sighting of a head louse is rare. Because head lice have excellent camouflage and rarely come to the surface of the hair. In addition head lice move very effectively and rapidly through the hair and across the scalp. 

Head lice cycle. Parents just want to learn about an easy way to get rid of lice. Parents want to have a “magic bullet” to treat common ailments, and find the time and patience needed to eradicate a head lice infestation frustrating. First of all any lice treatment that doesn’t include combing with a metal nit comb will be unsuccessful. Because you must remove all of the lice eggs from the hair shafts in order to crash the lice colony. If you don’t remove all of the lice eggs then the head lice colony can repopulate itself in a matter of weeks. Furthermore head lice have developed pesticide resistance making them immune to pesticide lice treatments.

Head lice cycle. Lice eggs are also known as lice nits. First of all nits are quite difficult to see because of their own camouflage systems. Therefore head lice detection with the naked eye is often unsuccessful. Parents may think that their child no longer has lice when, in fact they still do have an active case of head lice.

Can you identify your bugs?

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