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24 April

Cure lice home remedyHead Lice have become resistant to the available pesticides in commonly used lice treatments. What’s a Parent to do? In an Italian study it was shown that head lice did not like Tea Tree Oil. Tea tree oil in relationship to lice had a repellent characteristic. The same study indicated that tea oil actually killed some of the lice as well as the eggs of the lice. In other words, the tea tree oil exhibited both pediculicidal and ovicidal abilities.

Cure lice home remedy. We suggest you use a head lice natural treatment that contains tea tree oil.  home remedy lice removal products such as OMG Solution can be effective in the fight against head lice. An Italian study finds that tea tree oil can be used for effective head lice treatment. The bottom line is that head lice do not like any kind of oil, tea tree oil included.

Cure lice home remedy. We use Tea tree oil at our Nitwits Lice Treatment Boston. Since pesticides no longer work for lice treatment, products containing tea tree oil are coming on to the market. However if you do nothing to get the nits out of your child’s hair, then they will still have head lice. In order to remove nits you need to strip them off the the hair shaft. The only tool available to strip the eggs off the hair shaft is the OMG Nit-Free Terminator Comb. Give us a call today at head lice treatment boston and come on over and pick and OMG Comb up. You’ll be glad you did. Once you have an OMG Comb you can treat head lice successfully in your own home. Just place some OMG Head Lice Conditioner Solution in the hair and start combing.  Soon you will see not more nits or lice and you will be able to start getting your life back to normal and to return to sanity!

Cure Lice Home Remedy

Tea Tree Oil Lice Remedy

Cure Lice Home Remedy


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