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Super Lice 2018. Are They In Your Town? NitWits to the Rescue

08 March

Super lice 2018. Do you suspect your child might have nits in hair? Search no further. The most reliable and most trusted Professional Lice Practitioners are right in your backyard! You can roll out of bed and get Nit-Free Peace of Mind today!

Super lice 2018. First of all many parents are unsure if they are actually seeing lice on scalp. In fact Head Lice are difficult to detect. In addition many other artifacts are often mistaken for lice. For example children have been kicked out of school for having hair casts. Furthermore items found in the hair such as sand, leaf parts, roof gravel and cradle cap have been diagnosed as head lice. 

Super lice 2018. The first thing parents need to know about super lice is that they are the same lice we have been battling for decades. In the 1950s US parents were using DDT to combat lice. Since the 1970s pyrethroid insecticides have been the top chemical in lice treatment shampoos. However, while the pyrethroids were initially effective, head lice have developed strong resistance to these pesticides in 2018.

Super lice 2018. Freaked out parents usually spend most of their energy on vacuuming their house and washing every stitch of clothing and linens in their house  when there is an outbreak of head lice. Especially relevant is the fact that head lice are not in your house. In fact Head lice only live on a human scalp. Hence all of your energy should go to removing the insects and head lice eggs from your child’s scalp. In addition please take a padlock and lock the vacuum cleaner and washer and dryer up until the end of the this head lice nightmare.

Super lice 2018. Lice eggs pictures do not shed any light on what to look for. Because lice eggs have developed super camouflage to make it hard for parents to see them. In other words you can look into your child’s hair with the naked eye and see nothing even if you child has an active case of head lice and hundreds of nits.

Super lice 2018. The solution? The OMG Head Lice Protocol! Yes folks the OMG Lice Comb along with the OMG conditioner and OMG shampoo will get you to the promised land of a lice-free world! The OMG Head Lice Protocol can be ordered online, or feel free to stop by our Belmont NitWits Office and pick up an OutWitit Kit. The OutWitit kit contains everything you need to be a Nitwit at home!

Super lice 2018

Super lice 2018

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