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14 March

Professional lice clinic. Who knew a nit picking service was a thing? In fact when lice hits your family you’ll only want NitWits. Boston’s premier lice professionals for 14 years. School Nurse Berit Pratt RN MPH is Boston’s only Public Health Lice Nurse. Furthermore during your treatment we show you our award winning “Welcome To a Lice-Free World”® educational film. We make sure you leave with so much useful information about head lice that you will never freak out about lice again!

Professional lice clinic. Lice and lice eggs are mystifying to parents. First of all urban myths about head lice are common. In addition when the lice letters start coming home from the school nurse, most parents are at a loss as to how to cure lice home.  For example what is the difference between head lice, body lice, pubic lice and skin lice? Furthermore why is it that pesticide lice treatments no longer kill lice?

Professional lice clinic. Why lice love school vacation weeksHead lice just love it when families get together for school vacation. Because that’s when Becca from Brookline can share head lice with her cousin Sasha from New York. That’s right folks when those adorable cousins curl up to watch movies on moms ipad after that big family dinner. A good 30 minutes is required for a lazy pregnant head louse to suss out a new potential host.

What are the requirements for that perfect potential host? 1. A warm scalp. Children’s scalps are warmer than adult scalps 2. A thick head of hair. Children’s scalps have 10 x as many hair shafts per square centimeter as an adult scalp. 3. Lots of cuddly behavior, with prolonged direct head to head contact.  Yup that’s correct, this is exactly the perfect storm of an ecosystem that the lice on Becca’s head are looking for and Sasha’s scalp has all three of the critical requirements.

Professional lice clinic.

Professional lice clinic.

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