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06 March

Nit picking service. Head Lice like humans. Lice like our scalps and they like our hair. Head Lice are only able to survive on human scalps where their entire life cycle, including lice bites, takes place.  Head Lice are an “obligate” parasite.  Obligate means the parasite is specific to one particular host, and one specific area on that host.  An obligate parasite has not interest in other hosts such as cats or dogs or guinea pigs. In fact your pets have separate, and different, obligate parasites such as ticks, fleas, and mites.  

We humans have three different types of lice that are specific to us. Head Lice, Body Lice and Pubic Lice.  These different lice have differentiated DNA making them genetically distinct from one another.  Head lice are not able to become body lice. Body lice are not able to become head lice. Head lice are not able to become pubic lice. Pubic lice are not able to become head lice or body lice. 

Nit picking service. Head Lice have specific environmental needs. Although having lice is not that much fun, head lice are pretty interesting. The human scalp is the only place with the temperature, humidity, light, pH, hormones, food (human blood) that head lice need to survive. In fact head lice are able to travel efficiently and quickly, and to lay eggs, on the human hair shaft.  

A successful head lice colony loves human hair, particularly the hair of a school aged child. School kids have more hair and warmer scalps, making them even more appealing to lice.  You will notice that many parents run to CVS to purchase ineffective head lice products. However parents still believe that lice treatment kill nits. Head lice, now known as Super Lice enjoy extra time for procreation while we waste time thinking the problem is taken care of.

Nit picking service. Head Lice eggs, or nits, have been found on ancient mummies in South America, so we know they have been around for a while. This shows us that head lice are highly adaptable. We know that lice are adaptable because they are thriving in 2018, and have become resistant to the most common pesticides available. However many schools still have “no-nit policies” which, in fact, to do prevent head lice from entering their schools.

Nit picking service.

Nit picking service.

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