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29 March

Kill Lice Nits Today. First of all most parents wonder what are the symptoms of lice in hair? Furthermore an internet search turns up scads of conflicting lice information. Even pediatricians will recommend pesticidal lice treatments, without understanding the long term efficacy. In addition head lice have developed resistance to the pesticides available. These lice pesticides are neurotoxins and they don’t kill the lice nits. Hence, a couple of weeks after pesticide lice treatment, the lice nits hatch and start the head lice infestation all over again.

Kill Lice Nits Today. When parents look at lice pictures, they see brown bugs and brown lice nits that are no longer viable. In fact when the bugs and nits are alive they are extremely difficult to see with the naked eye on the scalp.

Kill Lice Nits Today

Lice Pictures

Kill Lice Nits Today. Human lice is different from the lice of other primates. Humans are the host to 3 different species of lice. Head lice, body lice and pubic lice. Confusion about these 3 types of human lice adds to the surprisingly strong lice stigma surrounding head lice in the United States. 

The presence of Head Lice does not constitute a public health emergency. Head Lice do not carry disease and are harmless parasites. Head Lice do not deserve the stigma associated with them. The stigma IS appropriate for Body Lice, genetically distinct from Head Lice. Head Lice cannot turn into Body Lice or Pubic Lice, (different DNA). Your child does not have Body Lice or Pubic Lice.

Head Lice are present all year long.  Head lice in March? How is this even possible? Head Lice reproduce more rapidly in warmer weather, but you can still have a very healthy case of head lice in the middle of March. In fact we are seeing lots of head lice this month.  Most folks have had head lice since last summer, but do not have an itchy scalp. Contrary to popular belief, most people do not feel itchy when they have head lice.  My family has experienced no itching symptoms and then boom, the school nurse calls and says my 9 year old daughter has lice! I thought lice only happened in the summer months!

Have you recently noticed a rash on the back of your child’s neck? Do you wonder if the red spots are lice bites? Contrary to popular belief, when your kids have head lice you cannot see the lice bites. After a couple of months of head lice, your child may develop a rash on the back of her neck. Like Mosquitos, head lice leave saliva, anesthetic, and an anticoagulant when they take a blood meal. The majority of people do  not have an allergic reaction to these substances, however some do. To learn more about head lice from Boston’s Premier Head Lice Experts, call NitWits today. The peace of mind you deserve is within reach!

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