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09 January

Treatments Lice. How do you get headlice? First of all the primary means of lice transmission is direct head to head contact. Because direct head to head contact gives lice the opportunity to travel from one warm scalp to the next warm scalp. This is especially significant because lice cannot survive once the temperature drops. For example lice cannot survive on carpets, couches, or bedding. In addition lice egg also cannot survive on inanimate objects because the temperature is too cold. Since head lice can’t jump, and they get cold easily, you won’t find them on furniture. Lice prefer to wait for a nice warm scalp to come along and crawl slowly from host A to host B. 

Treatments Lice. Incubation period lice. Head lice incubation works like this. Laid nits incubate for 7 days until hatching. Newborn lice, known as nymphs, must mature further before they have any chance of reproducing. The nymphs molt over a period of 10 days. At 18 days the female louse is mature and can mate and begin laying eggs. Each female louse lays a total of 100 eggs in her lifetime. That factors out to 6 eggs a day. By the time her life is over the first nits she laid have hatched and are molted and ready to mate and lay more eggs. As the next generation of  lice go forth to populate new scalps thereby creating new satellite lice colonies.

Treatments Lice. What is lice?  It is estimated that head lice have been traveling with humans for at least 170,000 years. 170,000 years ago body lice evolved from head lice after humans lost all of their body hair and started to wear clothing. Furthermore it is thought that humans did not wear clothing for about 100,000 years until the second to last ice age.

Treatments Lice. Head Lice cases. More commonly known as head lice infestations, really means a cluster of head lice cases in your community. Sound familiar? It should because, head lice have become resistant to pesticides. Therefore head lice are doing just fine in 2016.

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