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31 January

Nit removal service. “I feel like I have lice” is often heard at the other end of the line from our NitWits callers. First of all, whether you have lice or not, we can clear your mind and clear your scalp in a short visit to NitWits. Furthermore Parents are are happy to get a clean scalp bill of health from us so they can go on with their lives. When parents hear the words “head lice” their world stops and they go into a stressed-out frenzy.  Finally Peace of Mind is nearby and you can get to the bottom of your head lice crisis today.

Nit removal service. All Professional Lice Treatment services are not created equal. Started in 2004, NitWits Lice Treatment has a clear environmental mission. We give 1% of our profits to 1% for the Planet. We use no pesticides or petroleum based products in our treatment process. In fact our OMG Head Lice Conditioner Solution doesn’t contain any scary or weird chemicals. Coupled with our fantastic OMG Lice Comb you can rest assured that our OMG Lice Protocol will get rid of the lice and nits in your family and return you to sanity.

Nit removal service. Super lice have hit the Boston area with a vengeance. Furthermore parents are not sure about the best lice treatments. In fact parents are not sure about what exactly the term “Super Lice” means. First of all Super Lice are the same species of head lice that have been with humans for at least 170,000 years. Like all successful obligate parasites head lice are highly adaptable and able to survive whatever toxins we use on them.

Nit removal service.  Recent research shows that the pyrethroids used in the OTC lice treatments could be dangerous to children by speeding up puberty in boys. In addition the most recent research indicates that head lice in the US are 98% resistant to pyrethroid pesticides.

Nit removal service

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