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24 January

Lice children’s hair. Louse in hair emergency alert! It is 11pm at night and you think you might have found a bug in your child’s hair. Could it be head lice? First of all Head Lice identification is the first step in learning that your family has head lice infestation. Then It comes as a shock to all parents that this ancient, and pesky, insect might be in their children’s hair. However once the shock wears off it is time to get to work. But wait, don’t run to CVS for lice shampoo, because it is 2018 and head lice are 100% resistant to lice shampoos with pesticides in them.

Lice children’s hair. What does head lice look like?   We suggest parents pull the bug off the hair and stick it to a piece of scotch tape. If the bug looks like the image here, then you definitely have head lice. If you are not sure what it is, simply text a photo of the bug to us at NitWits 617-816-9487.

Lice children’s hair. Do head lice cause any kind of infections or infectious diseases? Actually no, head lice do not transmit or spread any diseases or health problems of any kind. First of all why do head lice have such a bad reputation? Because, due to head lice stigma, head lice are often confused with body lice. Body lice are different from head lice, but this fact seems to have been lost in all of the confusion about lice. Body lice do transmit disease, body lice are best known for typhus epidemics in times of war or unrest in the last century. Finally, there is no chance that your child could possibly have body lice because, as long as your child wears clean clothes, bathes regularly and does not live in a war zone or a refugee camp, it is not possible for your child to have body lice.

lice children's hair adult louse and nymph

lice children’s hair adult louse and nymph

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