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02 November

Louse hair worries? Yes folks when you find what you think are nit eggs in your child’s hair at 3:00AM it can truly be a shock. All of a sudden you start to wonder how does lice spread? Does this mean we have a lice infestation in our house? First of all you google the incubation period for lice. Pretty soon you have so much information on head lice that you could earn an honorary PhD in Entomology! However the lice information is conflicting and it is difficult to discern what effective lice treatment might be.

Louse hair questions plague parents all year long. Due to the massive confusion about head lice and head lice treatment, parents are  not sure how to move forward. Luckily the best lice treatment professionals are right here at Head Lice Treatment Belmont. For 14 years NitWits has been helping families get back to work and back to school. In addition at NitWits you’ll see our award winning educational film “Welcome To A Lice-Free World” educating you and your family on lice treatment and prevention.

Louse hair especially relevant recent studies have shown that OTC lice treatments are no longer effective. In fact this 2016 study points out that head lice have developed 100% resistance to the pesticides in the most widely used lice treatments. Also some parents do not feel comfortable applying chemicals to their child’s scalps.

In fact lice treatment is more effective to comb out the hair with a good metal lice comb such as the OMG Lice Comb, than it is to apply pesticides to the hair. Also the OMG Lice Treatment Solution can be helpful in making an accurate head lice diagnosis. Used together the OMG Lice Protocol will get your kids back to school lickety split and get you back to sanity! “Thank goodness for NitWits” said a recent client. “NitWits educated us and calmed us and got rid of our lice problem once and for all, thank you NitWits!

louse hair

louse hair


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