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Live Lice Eggs. What’s a Mom to Do? NitWits to the Rescue!

13 November

Live lice eggs. Parents find themselves head scratching wondering if the specks they see in their child’s hair are actually lice. In addition parents also wonder if the lice eggs they see are live lice eggs or dead lice eggs. Parents ask us at NitWits every day what do nits look like?  First of all when you discover lice in children’s hair you have a meltdown and feel overwhelmed. Because when you go online to google lice you get a lot of conflicting information. Also you spend a lot of time vacuuming the house and doing tons of laundry. In fact head lice are not actually in your house. Head lice can only survive on a human scalp, so lice in your house are very very unlikely.

Live lice eggs. Another urban myth is that lice jump. This inaccurate assumption comes from the fact that people often confuse head lice with fleas. Fleas are able to live in furniture, carpets, bedding, and clothing. However head lice cannot survive off a human scalp for more than a few hours. Once off a human scalp head lice start to dry out, develop hypothermia and starve. In addition fleas have impressive hind legs that allows them to jump

Live lice eggs. Parents usually assume that an itchy scalp means an active case of head lice. The urban legend that lice cause an itchy scalp can be very confusing and frustrating for parents. In fact only a small percentage of individuals with lice get an itchy scalp. Because setting up a lice infestation involves ensuring that multiple generations of headl ice will survive before the infestation gets discovered. Therefore head lice do not want to be discovered right away when they first land on a person’s scalp. It takes up to 100,000 lice bites before itching sets in.

Head Lice in humans have been around for at least 100,000 years . Head lice are obligate ectoparasites. For an obligate ectoparasite to survive it must be able to adapt to hostile conditions. For example new pesticides for lice treatment. In fact recent studies have shown that head lice in the United States are now 100% resistant to OTC pesticides.

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