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03 October

Nits lice infestation. Do head lice cause any kind of infections or infectious diseases? Actually no, head lice do not transmit or spread any diseases or health problems of any kind. So why do head lice have such a bad reputation? Because people confuse head lice body lice. Body lice are different from head lice, but this fact seems to have become lost in all of the confusion about lice. Body lice do transmit disease, body lice are best known for typhus epidemics in times of war or unrest in the last century. However there is no chance that your child could possibly have body lice. Because as long as your child wears clean clothes, bathes regularly and does not live in a war zone or a refugee camp, it is not possible for your child to have body lice.

Nits lice infestation. More commonly known as head lice infestations, really means a cluster of head lice cases in your community. Sound familiar? It should because, head lice have become resistant to pesticides. Therefore head lice are doing just fine in 2017.

Nits lice infestation. Parents are seen running screaming from the room when they discover head lice, like it is the worst piece of news they have ever heard. Why is there so much lice paranoia and lice stigma? Head Lice stigma implies that you live in a house with no running water and a dirt floor. 100 years ago, during WWII, lice that carried typhus could kill you. Also lice meant you had no money and you never bathed or changed your clothing.

Nits lice infestation. Today in the US, however, the fact that lice are dangerous or dirty could not be farther from the truth. We see parents every single day who have laundered every piece of clothing in their home, every towel, every sheet, pillowcase and comforter. These same parents have had professional cleaners come in to steam clean their carpets, couches and drapes. Sadly none of these measures are necessary when it comes to head lice eradication. Because head lice are not in your environment, they live only on your, and your children’s, scalps.

Nits lice infestation. Parents need clear and helpful information about how to treat nits and removal nits. When they notice lice kids hair it can become a lice nightmare and it is actually very traumatic for some parents.
Nits lice infestation

Nits lice infestation


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