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Lice Transmission Head Touching. NitWits Lice Treatment

02 October

Lice Transmission Head Touching.  First of all the primary means of lice transmission is direct head to head contact. Because direct head to head contact gives lice the opportunity to travel from one warm scalp to the next warm scalp. This is especially significant because lice cannot survive once the temperature drops. For example lice cannot survive on carpets, couches, or bedding. In addition lice egg also cannot survive on inanimate objects because the temperature is too cold.

Lice Transmission Head Touching. Therefore you do not need to vacuum your entire house. In addition you do not need to launder everything in your house. Lastly you do not need to bag your child’s precious stuffed animals for two weeks. Bagging your child’s stuffed animals just adds increased stress to an already stressful situation. And bagging your child’s stuffed animals will not remedy the head lice situation in your house.

Lice Transmission Head Touching. Because head lice are not even in your house. Head lice live exclusively on the human scalp. Wow, the urban myths about head lice still exist even in 2017! Here are the 7 most common urban myths about head lice! As a parent the last thing you have is 20 extra hours a week to deal with a head lice crisis. Fortunately there are caring compassionate head lice professionals available 24/7 to take care of your head lice nightmare

Lice Transmission Head Touching. As parents we might think that after lice inspection our child does not have lice after treatment. However at NitWits Lice Treatment Boston we have learned that visual inspection for head lice is inadequate. How can we be sure that visual lice inspection is not enough? Because for 14 years since we became Boston’s First Lice Service, we have inspected thousands of heads for lice.

Lice Transmission Head Touching. First of all we know from experience that lice head for the kids because kids scalps are warmer than adult scalps. Also we now know that head lice have developed resistance to pesticide lice treatments in the US leading to the spread of super lice in North America

lice transmission head touching

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